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Make It Magical

Create Effective, Profitable and Enjoyable Retreats!

Focused Online Marketing Works!

Build experiences, community and income with integrity!

We connect you with tour companies and set you up with a website & marketing strategy.

Our resources can support you to focus on what you do best.
Planning ahead and getting support will give you peace of mind so you can focus on teaching, leading, or coaching!

"Are we already done?"
"Wow! This is exactly what I wanted!"


Create Life Changing Retreats!

My grandmother's dream was to go on pilgrimage but my grandfather said it was "too dangerous".

She didn't go until she was 85 and the only way she could go was with a church group. That group allowed her to fulfill one of her life goals.

Don't underestimate what a life changing event your retreat can be!

"I want to lead a retreat but I'm just not good at sales"

People NEED Retreats!

Offer growth, offer fun, offer experience. Don't sell.

What Amazing Experiences Can You Create?

Make Your Retreats Unforgettable!

How It Works

  • - Who are your attendees?
  • Who wants to come to your retreat?
  • Why do they want to come?
  • - Name Your Retreat
  • - Get A Domain Name (or add to current site url)
  • - Set Up the site for your retreat
  • - Market and send people to your site
  • - Lead a successful, fun retreat!

When you sign up in June, get 20% off your monthly management fee for 3 months!

Use Our Pre-Made Sites so you can FOCUS
on Your Retreat!

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Continued Marketing Bonus

We can also support your attendees if they want to blog about their experiences around your retreat. Blogging is fun for them and a HUGE marketing benefit for you! Send them to Easy Travel

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